How ISIS Attacks on Brussels Could be Funded by U.S. and Allies

At least 14 people were killed after two ISIS bombs exploded near the American Airlines check-in counter at Brussels Airport. They sent shock waves through the terminal. Soon after, another blast killed 20 at a Metro subway station near the EU headquarters in the Maelbeek area of central Brussels. In all, at least 170 people were injured, nine of whom are Americans.

The bombings came the day after the Belgium Interior Minister warned of possible revenge attacks following Friday’s arrest of Paris massacre suspect Salah Abdeslam. On Monday, a secret police dossier also revealed there could be as many as 90 suicide bombers waiting to launch attacks in Europe after returning from Syria disguised as migrants.

The Brussels airport was closed down for the day and all flights were cancelled or diverted to other airports. ISIS released a statement promising “dark days” for countries allied against it, and threatened that what is coming is “worse and more bitter.” U.S. citizens abroad have been urged by the State Department to be vigilant when in public places or on mass transportation, to avoid crowded places, and to use extra caution during religious holidays and at large festivals and events.

There are believed to have been three men involved in the attack. A manhunt is currently underway to find the third suspect who was seen on closed circuit television. The three men took a taxi to the airport, but could not fit all of their explosives into the cab, so they left some behind. Police found the devices and an ISIS flag in an apartment located in a northern suburb of Brussels.

The League of Imams in Belgium condemned the terror acts and expressed condolences to the families of those killed or injured. President Obama, who was in Cuba and spent the afternoon at a ball game, said the terrorists’ main objective was to interrupt people’s daily lives and the U.S. will help Belgium bring the terrorists to justice.

The presidential candidates also reacted to the incident:
  • Ted Cruz called for an immediate halt to Obama’s recent plan to allow tens of thousands of refugees into the U.S. and to impose more stringent vetting programs.
  • Donald Trump called for an end to the visa program, which allows about 20 million people a year to visit the U.S. Last year he called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.
  • Hillary Clinton said the terrorists’ campaign of hate will not succeed and America stands in solidarity with our European allies.
  • John Kasich said the U.S. must redouble our efforts to root out and destroy the perpetrators
  • Bernie Sanders called for improved intelligence.
Why this Matters: Four years ago it was revealed that the U.S., Turkey and Jordan were jointly running a CIA/Special Forces command training base out of Safawi, Jordan. The purpose was to train Syrian rebels to fight against President Bashar al-Assad. Many of those rebels later joined ISIS.
     Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to the program by Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. In 2013, a single program of aid to the Syrian rebels included 75 planeloads carrying 3,000 tons of weapons paid for by the Saudis.The training was never meant to be used against the U.S. or its allies. In fact, Iraq, our ally is being taken over, section by section, by these same rebels. 
     The government has not admitted any of this, nor owned up to the problem that we are still funding the “Syrian rebels’ and training them today. No wonder former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, in 2012, called them “tremendously well-funded” and “beyond anything we’ve seen.” What’s even worse, some of these rebels have U.S. passports and could return home to America at any time.
     Syria today is barely a country. Its boundaries–hastily drawn after World War I–are fragile and its people are groups of cultures rather than a unified nation. Unless God intervenes to strengthen the so-called “cessation of hostilities,” we will see the scripture fulfilled that says:
Isaiah 17:1 – The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from [being] a city, 
and it shall be a ruinous heap.
How to Pray
  • for improved intelligence to help stop and capture all who are involved in the terror network
  • for God to direct our President and military leaders to do the right thing in the Middle East
  • for the current “cessation of hostilities” in Syria to become broader and stronger. 

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