If America FALLS, the World Falls: Welcome to the Great Reset

Tuesday’s election couldn’t be more consequential. It is literally the choice between keeping America as we know it, or allowing the globalist elite to take over. We have before us good vs. evil, freedom vs. control, and the life of our nation vs. its complete demise.

This is also a battle between discernment and ignorance. Some are willingly–even willfully–ignorant, basking in their so-called moral superiority because they are choosing a nice guy—one who doesn’t brag or swear, or boast about his personal accomplishments. They may not respect Joe Biden, but he is the more palatable choice.

That is until you look at his platform and the big picture: the push to limit our freedoms and usher in a new world order. Biden will work with the global elite to use the pandemic to crush the world’s economies and build them back according to a new design. They’re calling it the Great Reset. And bear in mind, this isn’t coming from some oddball corner of academia, this is the Democrat Party platform and the vision of the future as published in Time Magazine!

The Great Reset

According to Time Magazine and Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Covid-19 pandemic has “provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future we want,” a world where “people increasingly revolt against a system they perceive as unfair,” and step in to build a virtuous economic system.

That’s an intriguing thought—who knew that an economy could be virtuous? Lest you think they mean earning money based on hard work and risk-taking as virtuous, let’s look further.

  • This post-capitalist economy is based on “new environmental, societal and governance goals.”
  • This means they will be using their values to give rewards and punishments to elicit certain behaviors, much like the Chinese Communists are using a social credit score system.
  • In it, those who obey the government in word and deed get rewards. They are the virtuous ones. Those who speak out against the ruling authority are punished. They cannot borrow money, travel, or enroll their children in desirable schools. 

The WEF plan is to start the reward/punishment system with corporations.For example, those who practice “racial justice” by disproportionately advancing people of color over whites, training employees in Marxist ideas, and divesting their fossil fuels divisions will presumably receive tax breaks.
Other provisions include mandatory living wages for everyone and adding global taxes to national, city, and state taxation.

  • Inherent in the Democrat Party platform and the Great Reset is reconstruction of the suburbs, as in the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act (AFFH).
  • Under AFFH, an Obama plan that Joe Biden promises to fully implement, the commissioners in large cities will have access to the suburban tax base, to re-distribute funds as they see fit. Suburbs will be forced to expand section 8 housing in a massive forced integration plan to remove the “privilege” inherent in suburbs.
  • The push we’re seeing in Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis to dissolve the police force and re-route the funds into social programs would likely be expanded into every urban and suburban area.

Also, say goodbye to cars and trucks. The idea is to create stack-and-pack cities without personal vehicles. America, which is now energy independent, will stop producing and using fossil fuels. Like the Green New Deal, the Great Reset requires mandatory climate change strategies that replace airplanes and autos with trains, bicycles, and walking. We will be forced to live in tightly-packed buildings and neighborhoods because resources will be consolidated into population centers.

All for a Virus that’s 99% Survivable!

What brings this whole thing right to our doorsteps are the mandatory vaccinations and the globalist control of all healthcare. Each person will have a digital health passport that documents your medical history, including vaccinations. Want to fly commercial? You won’t be allowed without that piece of identification. Don’t want a vaccination? Too bad! You’re grounded.

Remember, this is for a virus that is 99% survivable for those under 70, and 95 percent survivable for those over 70 years of age

Think it can’t happen? The Supreme Court of the United States—the body that tethers us to the Constitution—is two or three senators away from being capsized. One side of the political aisle is already talking about “packing the court” with liberal justices. This means expanding the size of the Supreme Court if they win a majority. What would keep a very liberal Court from approving laws that would sell America out to the Chinese, the European Union or some other high bidder? All it takes to sink the ship is a Democrat president and Democrat Senate majority.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Imagine, too, the national security risk of Joe Biden, whose son Hunter is being investigated by the FBI for financial crimes. A massive trove of data from his poorly secured laptop reveals personal documents, cell phone numbers for top politicians, and a massive sex, drug, and porn addiction. Also released last week was damaging testimony from Hunter’s financial partner Tony Bobulinski, who played recordings and showed emails on the Tucker Carlson show. The Biden family is heavily tied to the Chinese government through investments with cuts that went to “the big guy” while he was US Vice President.

As Andrew McCarthy writes in National Review:

“Among the more amazing revelations… The corrupt Chinese businessmen with whom the Bidens were colluding not only had a record of buying political influence, not only were known to have high-level ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the regime, but also were clandestine agents of China–at least, that’s what the FBI and Justice Department seem to have told the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.”

The Great Reset 2021
In some countries, the Great Reset is already on schedule. In England, France, Belgium, and other nations, a Covid-19 resurgence is paving the way for massive lockdowns. Businesses that were injured by the first wave of lockdowns will not be able to withstand another blow. Economies that haven’t rebounded will suffer even more as additional citizens lose their jobs and resources.
It won’t take much for the global elite to convince people that the Great Reset is their only viable choice. What would you do if you couldn’t afford your mortgage or food for your family? A universal income and mortgage relief would be very tempting.
However, in the US, things are looking up. Our Gross Domestic Product grew by 33.1 percent in the third quarter—the biggest economic revival in our history and far beyond what was expected.

  • Contrast that with certain governors keeping their states in lockdown—such as Gov. Gavin Newsom of California, who issued limits on which masked friends you can invite for Thanksgiving, how you must sanitize, where to have it (outdoors only), and how long you can meet.
  • Apparently, the virus won’t hurt you if you’re only together for a maximum of two hours. Singing, chanting and shouting are discouraged.
  • Meanwhile, Newsom is sending his four children back to private school for in-person learning while the public schools remain shut down. 

Now imagine those same restrictions nation-wide. President Trump believes we must keep the country open and learn to live with the virus, like we do with everything else. Biden has promised to “shut it down” if necessary and making masks mandatory if you step foot outside your home. He also promises to “fix the virus,” whatever that means.

Why this Matters: Christians who believe the Bible is God’s Word already have a clear choice with a candidate who believes in protecting life in the womb. Far from being a racist—as some have claimed—President Trump implemented three programs to specifically help black Americans: the First Step Act to shorten the prison terms of non-violent offenders, the $500 billion Platinum Plan to increase access to capital in black communities, and restoring $85 million in permanent federal funding for historically black colleges and universities. According to polls, Trump has earned the approval of 46 percent of America’s black population—with 31 percent getting his vote.

As we near the big day, the scales are tipping towards President Trump in key battleground states. Law enforcement associations nationwide are supporting Trump, but on the other side, the anarchists and subversives are threatening massive upheaval on November 4. Social media continues to suppress stories about Hunter Biden. How far will Joe Biden’s claim of not knowing anything about Hunter’s foreign deals get him? This monumental news is being suppressed or censored by our media. If Donald Trump wins, it will be because God prevailed—ordaining another four years and a further respite for America.

How to Pray: Like the singers led the army of King Jehoshaphat, we can lift up praise and thanksgiving to God before the victory. Thank Him for preserving our nation. Thank Him for giving us this victory over darkness. Praise Him for His marvelous works. Let all that have breath praise the Lord!

2 Chronicles 20:20-21 – And they rose early in the morning, and went forth into the wilderness of Tekoa: and as they went forth, Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem; Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the LORD, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say, Praise the LORD; for his mercy endureth for ever.

CORRECTION: In the October 27 edition, Sen. Lindsey Graham was mistakenly labeled as the senator from NC; he represents South Carolina. We regret the error.

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