Five Reasons 2019 will be Glorious

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Photo: South and North Korean officials held a groundbreaking ceremony for the connection and modernization of an inter-Korean railway December 27.

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As we begin 2019, the battle between good an evil is heating up, and the hordes that represent Hell are attempting to corrupt every cell of humanity. There are many reasons to be afraid, but there are many more reasons to rejoice. So let’s look at the battle and see five reasons to believe that 2019 will be glorious!

5. All the propaganda in the world cannot change the truth.

There are only two genders. God made us male and female, period, and all the gains made by the transgender movement can’t turn XX into XY or vice versa. The desperation to make insanity appear sane can be found in these sorts of news items:

  • Scores of Hollywood stars choosing to raise babies contrary to their biology
  • Millennial parents waiting until a child grows old enough to determine his or her own gender
  • Public schools proclaiming “boys can have periods, too”
  • Preteens by the thousands announcing they’re transgender, because it’s cool

Instead of worrying about the latest perversions, take comfort in the facts–like Ronald Reagan said, they’re stubborn things.

Fact: gender reassignment surgery doesn’t cure discontentment; instead it produces a suicide rate of 40 percent or more.
Fact: if left alone, the vast majority of kids who think they want to be the other gender will eventually change their minds.
Fact: less than one percent of 18 to 24-year-olds in the US identify as transgender. (See links for sources)

To put it simply, you cannot use a scalpel to fix a mental and spiritual problem, and there are veterans in the war on gender who have great testimonies to share. Click here for a video on the failure of reassignment surgery by RT.

4. Democrat distractions can’t hide hypocrisy.

Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Adam Schiff will be among the top Democrats taking control of the House on January 3. They will try very hard to distract us by going after Donald Trump, but they just can’t hide the fact that they’re hypocrites, and their rhetoric will eventually come home to roost. Here are some examples:

  • Nancy Pelosi calls funding for a border wall “immoral,” yet many prominent Democrats live in walled communities or have walls around their mansions.
  • Pelosi said “no comment” when asked about the recent murder of a legal immigrant by an illegal immigrant. Officer Singh, who emigrated from Fiji, was killed in the line of duty and left behind a wife and baby.
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pardoned 29 convicted criminal illegals on Monday, including three armed robbers and four murderers. They were all about to be deported, but thanks to the governor, they’ve been released back into the community. No doubt, they really love New York!
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer called for a wall in 2009, but today he is totally against it. Nothing’s changed… other than Donald Trump is President.

Things like this are why Americans are increasingly demanding border security. It’s as much about stopping the flow of human traffickers, drugs, and criminals as it is about controlling immigration. Over the holidays, two children died in US border control custody because their parents dragged them across multiple countries and didn’t provide adequate care, such as food or water. In the past two months, 538 “family units” were caught by border patrol who found that the adults weren’t related to the kids! So, were these traffickers, or parents?

Right-thinking Americans don’t want to see children harmed. Either Trump will get the wall funded, or he will use the money in the defense budget–a whopping $1.3 trillion–to build the remaining sections of the wall.

3. The untidy truth about the Deep State coup attempt will come out.

After nearly two years and $30 million, Robert Mueller has not been able to find any evidence that Trump colluded with “Russia” to sway the election. In fact, quite the opposite is true: the Deep State, starting at the top under Barack Obama, colluded to try and remove Trump the candidate and Trump the President.

Every week more damaging information is revealed.

In the past few days, we’ve learned that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was part of the coup. McCain, who passed away (or was executed in a military tribunal) August 25, leaked a phony dossier of made-up dirt on Trump to the media just before the election. According to US District Court proceedings, McCain tried to tamper with the election and later lied about it numerous times. This is the same dossier that was used to get court orders to spy on Trump and his staff.

The President has also promised to declassify the requests for the spying warrants, as well as other documents. Is it any wonder Trump had the White House remodeled before he moved in to remove what was hiding in the woodwork? Trump, ever the strategist, is waiting for just the right moment to drop that declassification bomb.

Don’t forget that US Attorney John Huber has been tasked with prosecuting crimes at the Department of Justice related to the Russia investigation, Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, and the Clinton Foundation. When it all becomes public this year, Obama, the Clintons, James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper will have nowhere to hide.

2. Despite overwhelming opposition, America continues to win.

Trump was elected to fulfill many promises–including the commitment to get us out of unending foreign wars. In December, Trump announced he is pulling all of our troops out of Syria. He also promised to ensure ISIS is permanently destroyed, Iran doesn’t fill the vacuum, and our Kurdish allies are protected.

Afghanistan is next, according to the President.

Trump’s other accomplishments are extremely significant to our nation:

  • North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has announced he is ready to meet with the President again to further peace talks. Signs of reconciliation continue to occur, like the ceremony on December 27, when the two Koreas linked railroads across their border. (Photo above)
  • Black unemployment fell to its lowest level in history a year ago, and unemployment overall keeps falling. Just 3.7 percent of the workforce was unemployed from September through November.
  • Tax cuts put more money in our paychecks, and the huge roll-back of regulations is allowing businesses to expand and prosper.
  • Eight new trade deals were crafted favoring the US, our economy has exceeded expectations–expanding 3.5 percent in the third quarter of 2018, and Christmas retail sales were the best in six years.

1. More believers are praying than at any other time in history.

As world population has grown, so have the number of Christians. We represent 1/3 of the world’s population, and the data says there are 2.3 billion Christians in all. Many may be nominal believers. Even so, that still leaves millions from every tribe, nation, and tongue who are earnestly praying.

The book of Revelation records that the prayers of the saints ascend up before God. The outcome of the 2016 election is proof that He hears and answers.

I’m not about to stop praying for America. What about you? If there are two of us, that makes it a heavenly quorum!

People of all kinds are demanding to know the truth, even though that pill can be very hard to swallow. Conservative news channels on YouTube are exploding, and it’s not just Americans who are watching, citizens from all across the earth are gaining knowledge and wisdom. They cheer the work of the Q movement, celebrate the accomplishments of Donald Trump, and are working to elect their own right-thinking politicians.

The latest example is Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. He was nearly assassinated on the campaign trail and overcame his injuries to be elected President. Bolsonaro is promising to “tackle the Marxist garbage” in the schools in order to form citizens, not political militants. He also stated that police officers who shoot criminals dead will be protected from legal action.

It wasn’t just a shiny ball that dropped on New Year’s Eve. I believe the hammer of God also “dropped” and He is soon going to bring political criminals, perverted entertainers, and corrupt leaders–from pastors to CEOs–to justice.

As Christ-followers, we must continue to pray for our nation, repent of our own sins, and have faith that God will complete the clean-up. May He give us multiple opportunities to share the truth and may many turn from their wickedness.

With God, 2019 will be glorious!

How to Pray: Ask Father God to build the wall as He wishes, to guide and protect President Trump as he formulates policies, and that every dirty deed in every area of American life will be exposed, including inside the church–in the mighty name of Jesus and for His glory, amen.

1 Pet. 4:17 – For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?


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