Did Hillary Sell US Secrets to China?

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Sen. Grassley (R-IA) released 105 pages of documents on Thursday, showing the results of a Senate investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured email server. All but four of her 30,490 emails were automatically forwarded to carterheavyindustries@gmail.com, raising concerns that a foreign actor gained access to Clinton’s emails.

The Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG) Charles McCollough and his investigators Frank Rucker and Jeanette McMillan reported that the email was a “drop box” to which the emails from the Clinton server were sent in real time. “Even if you didn’t address an email to this address, the email went to it anyway,” McMillan said.

A search on Google showed that there is a “Shandong Carter Heavy Industries,” which appears to be a Chinese corporation with offices in Virginia.

  1. The documents also reveal that the FBI was informed of this possible HRC-China connection in 2015, but took no action.
  2. ICIG McCollough received personal blowback from exposing the information, and he and his family were threatened.
  3. He was told to keep the director (James Comey) out of it and warned that he would be the first to be fired in a Clinton administration.

Hillary’s illegal actions were known at the FBI and seemingly protected by head investigator Peter Strzok, Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and by the Obama Department of Justice under Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder.

McMillan and Rucker, who were interviewed by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees on Dec. 4, 2018, told the FBI about Carter Heavy Industries and the automatic email. In a Feb. 18, 2016 meeting, Special Agent Strzok, (pictured below) who had just begun heading the investigation into Clinton’s illegal email server, was “aloof and dismissive” and didn’t ask many questions.

Former Spec. Agent Strzok

Strzok and his lover, DOJ lawyer Lisa Page, exchanged 55,000 messages on their FBI devices. Strzok promised that there was no way Trump would become president, saying “we’ll stop it.” The two also discussed an “insurance policy” to keep Trump out of the White House. Strzok was in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation as well as the email investigation. Fired earlier this year, Strzok is now suing the Department of Justice for back pay and demands to be re-instated.

The story about the Chinese email connection was first published a year ago, although the exact name wasn’t know. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) gave an interview following a July 12, 2018 committee hearing. He referred to the email address as being held by a foreign entity, and said it was not Russia. A former intelligence officer told the Daily Caller at that time that the third party was a known Chinese public company was involved in collecting intelligence for China.

Here’s the history:

  • Carter Heavy Industries email account was created by Platte River Networks employee Paul Combetta on 8/20/12.
  • Combetta managed Clinton’s email server and used the address as a “dummy email” in order to transfer messages archived on Clinton’s second private server to the Platte River Networks server.
  • Combetta used BleachBit to permanently erase copies of Hillary’s emails after they were subpoenaed by the House. He pleaded the fifth before Congress, misled the FBI about what was done, and was given immunity from prosecution.
  • Hillary’s classified emails, and those that were later deleted, likely existed on Google’s US-based servers.
  • What Combetta did with the email account and who else had access to it before and after the transfer of those emails remains a mystery.
Former FBI Director James Comey

Director Comey acted as though he didn’t know any of this in his August 2016 statement about Hillary’s use of an unsecured server. He stated that the FBI found no direct evidence of an intrusion into Clinton’s server, but there were unsuccessful attempts. He added that it was possible that skilled hackers breached the system without leaving any trace.

This is while knowing fully well that a “courtesy copy” of every Clinton email coming or going went to the dummy address set up by Combetta.

Comey reopened the investigation just weeks before the 2016 election, and then said although they had found Clinton had been extremely careless, it wasn’t intentional and the FBI wouldn’t prosecute. Those words were changed from “grossly negligent” in an early draft of his conclusion. This is significant, since federal law states that gross negligence in such cases can be punished criminally with prison time or fines.

The change happened right after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on a Tarmac in Arizona. He boarded her plane for about 30 minutes and they talked about “grandkids and golf,” according to Lynch–even though she has no grandchildren.

As Attorney General, Lynch had direct supervision of James Comey. According to Q Anon, this exchange was actually an offer from Clinton to nominate Lynch for the Supreme Court if she’d agree with Comey’s decision not to prosecute Hillary.

Vice President Biden with son Hunter Biden

China and Sabotage

There have been plenty of repercussions from the Chinese gaining access to US state secrets.

Evidence discovered in October, 2018 shows that for years, China has been sabotaging critical technology components shipped to the US.

  • In June 2018, a series of cyberattacks by the Chinese government infiltrated the computers of a US Navy contractor, allowing a large amount of data to be stolen that jeopardizes national security.
  • China has been stealing intellectual property for years and selling inferior steel and other important products used in our military equipment.

Note: China uses a social credit score developed by Google (through a program called Dragonfly) to spy on its citizens and penalize them for politically incorrect beliefs and behaviors. Those with poor social scores cannot purchase travel, get good loans, or send their children to the best schools. Now they are also cracking down on dissenters in Hong Kong.

Other members of the Democrat Party have also had substantial interactions with the Chinese:

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein employed a Chinese spy for 20 years on her official staff. When he was exposed, she professed surprise, and then asked him to retire. He now receives a US government annuity.
  • Vice President Joe Biden took his son Hunter with him on a trip to China in 2013. Hunter returned home with a $1 billion deal with an arm of the Chinese government—that was later expanded to $1.5 billion. The deal was under the umbrella of Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment firm operated by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Note: Biden also used his influence as Vice President to protect Hunter Biden’s Ukranian business partner Burisma–the country’s largest natural gas provider. Burisma was under investigation for corruption and Hunter Biden’s $50,000 a month seat on the board of directors was in jeopardy. The Obama administration then demanded that the chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, be fired, which he was, and the investigation into Burisma was called off.

Hillary and the Fate of CIA Assets

Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State when China killed or imprisoned 18 to 20 CIA assets, which crippled US spying operations. This was blamed on a massive intelligence breach. American media reported that it was not known whether there was a spy within the CIA who betrayed the sources or whether the Chinese hacked the CIA’s covert communications system.

Perhaps the obvious answer is the correct one: Hillary allowed them to have courtesy copies of our most top secret documents.

Why this Matters: While Hillary was Secretary of State, Chinese billionaire Wang Wenliang donated $2 million to the Clinton Foundation–one of many dozens of generous gifts from foreign entities during Hillary’s reign. Was that simply a gift from a generous man to a good cause–or was it quid pro quo, something in exchange for something else?

Above: Trump Rally in New Hampshire had a crowd of 11,500 and 8,000 or 9,000 outside, breaking the record set by Elton John.

The President was busy tweeting about China this week for their refusal to negotiate on tariffs. He also address the protests in Hong Kong, which is now under Chinese control. The Chinese were given favorable trade agreements under the Obama administration and now face tough tariffs (taxes on foreign goods) by the Trump White House. China has been given until December 15 to lighten up on the Hong Kong protesters and negotiate with the US on their $300 billion worth of exports. More talks are said to be scheduled in the next two weeks.

At a rally in New Hampshire on Thursday night, the President told his supporters that China’s devaluation of their currency in order to fight back on trade is going to “hurt them badly” over time and force the Chinese government to make a deal. “They’re eating the tariffs,” he said; “there’s no price increase” to American consumers.

The President also said that recent stock market dips and talks of a 2020 recession is the fault of the Federal Reserve and their refusal to cut interest rates. He spoke about a coming market rally due to his tough stance on China.

How to Pray: for the Lord to remember His promises to us that He will judge on behalf of the poor and needy, the widow and the fatherless. And that He will visit justice on our land and blessings to all those who long for His appearing. Pray that the President will hear from God on how to continue dealing with the Chinese and that they will back down from their oppressive treatment of their citizens.

Ps. 119:45, 165 – Horror hath taken hold upon me because of the wicked that forsake thy law. Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them.

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